Took one picture this morning and one right now when I got in through the door. You could call it a little experiment of mine: how tired do I look at the end of a day? My my, someone have mercy on me?!
All this sitting-by-the-computer time definetley ain’t no good for ya honeys… 

a story of mine

What a day. I overslept (what’s up with me lately?) this morning, had to runt to the subway, got caught next to The Hottest Guy On The Planet while I looked like A Sweaty Crazy Pig for 20 minutes. I mean, who does that to a single girl? Anyway, work was good but quite hectic today. Me and my partner in crime, Karolina, has a lot of stuff to do. Fun, but it’s always when you think you’re nearing the end that you realize you have so much left to do. Also I think i should write som sort of journal for this internship? Just to make the report for school easier later on, but I don know, I just can’t seem to find the energy/inspiration for that now…

Either way, after work my plan was to buy shoes (for me) and chocolate (for Anna) and visit her at the hospital, but! Since I left my wallet in my gym bag at home and Anna’s surgery got postponed (buuhuuu), I had to borrow money from a colleague to grab a quick not-so-hot dinner at 7/11 before taking a walk in Hagaparken with Anna and her paps. Real nice but oh so cooooold. (Why, why, why did I decide to wear my ballerina shoes and skip my extra sweater today out of all days?) We walked around for maybe 5 kilometers or so before heading to cosy Non Solo Bar where Anna had dinner and I had a fika. I swear FIKA is the best invention ever. I could fika all day.

And noooow, after a cold, wet, boring journey with dear SL I’m finally home. Trying my best to ignore both the dishes in the kitchen and my sore throat. It isn’t really working for me though, maybe a hot shower will do the trick?